Queeres Regenbogen­familienzentrum

International Queer Meet-up

International Queer Meet-up

Let’s come together and share our experiences as queers in Berlin.  This group is primarily for non-German speakers and is therefore held  in English. If you have another language in common with a participant,  you can of course speak in your preferred language. We are a queer  family center and our groups are usually centered about  the wish to  have children, the life with children with all its ups and down and  moments of joy and everyday struggles. Also legal issues in Germany  and the use of reproductive medicine as queer people. Being trans,  inter, non-binary and family life are others topics. However, this  group can also be a place to talk about others things in a safe, queer  space.

Sign up at qrfz@trialog-berlin.de

Where: Seumestr. 26, 10245 Berlin

Frequent dates: 4th Monday of the month from 6-8 pm.